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About Sharyn:

 I started out as a newspaper photographer and when my children were growing up I channelled my passion for photography into portraits and families. It wasn’t long before people were asking me to photograph their weddings and the business has only grown from there! It’s been an exciting journey and I feel so blessed to be a part of capturing so many precious memories.
 Outside of photography, I’m busing being a mother of five and ‘Ma’ of two. I like to take spontaneous adventures with my family and in my down time you can usually find me enjoying a good cup of coffee or creating watercolour paintings. 

About Hannah:

 I always like to say that I grew up ‘learning from the master’ and had the opportunity to see Mum in action  over the years. It wasn’t long before she was encouraging me to pick up a camera for myself and we started going out on photoshoots together. It’s a real privilege to work together and it’s so special to have such a unique bond and understanding of each other.
 Outside of photography, I love to travel and experience all that life has to offer. I also enjoy running, home decorating and spending time with my husband and super lovable Labrador fur-baby. 


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